StrategX – Prepare to face the future

  • Need to prepare better for future campaigns?
  • Facing the challenge of a new competitor in the coming year?
  • Equipped to handle new guidelines and/or political decisions on your market?
  • Need a greater understanding of future skills and resources?
  • Do you know your X factor?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, the StrategX – strategic workshop could be something for your company.

The aim of StrategX is to pool together people and units engaged in a particular product area or company in order to test strategies, concepts and activities. The basic concept involves dividing people into different groups in which participants take the role of an industry competitor and devise an overall strategic and tactical plan based on the following general ideas:

How would you try to defeat yourself if you were in your competitor’s position?

What do you have to do today to be a market leader in five years?

You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and your own organisation. You’ll be provided with tools in order to benchmark and evaluate your organisation or product/service. Working with a competitor’s plan or future scenarios designed to challenge yourself, you can devise your plan or test it on your own organisation.

The StrategX – strategic workshop is fully customised to you specific needs and requirements.

StrategX – strategic workshop

  • Data collection and market situation
    • Products, services and organisations
    • Political decisions, regulations, etc.
  • Analysing the market and competition in a common format
    • Leverage points and behavioural objectives.
    • Customer profiles with Drivers and Barriers.
    • W.O.T
    • Benefit Ladder and positioning
  • The strategic workshop – two parts
    • Part 1
      • Draw up a plan for how the competitor will act on the market and identify potential areas of weakness.
    • Part 2
      • Draw up/revise your own tactical plan on the basis of competitors’ anticipated activities.
      • What are the likely consequences on the market (best and worst case scenarios)?
    • Next step and future recommendations


Coaching for key persons regarding further analysis and implementation