Niklas Eriksson (CEO/partner)

o   Over the last 17 years, Niklas has worked in trade and industry within sales, marketing and project management in addition to holding a number of managerial positions and serving on management groups, primarily in the pharmaceuticals sector.

o   Niklas has been engaged in two major corporate mergers at management group level.

o   He has also worked domestically and internationally with strategic market planning, branding, Sales Force Effectivenss (SFE) and business development.

o   Niklas is certified in a number of personality assessment tools for individual and team development, including OPQ32r, MQ, DISC, 360 and Belbin’s leadership profiles.

o   Niklas is an accredited business coach and holds a BA in Caring Science. He is also a registered nurse.



Johanna Eriksson (Partner)

o   Johanna has worked for more than 20 years in the field of HR and has over seven years’ experience as an HR director/manager.

o   She boasts experience from global companies as well as the public sector,

o   working extensively within recruitment, team development, psychosocial work environment, negotiation, employment law, compensation and benefits and vision and value processes.

o   Johanna is certified in a number of personality assessments for recruitment as well as individual and team development, including OPQ32r, MQ and MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator).

o   Johanna has a BA in Psychology from Karlstad University.



Riitta Eivergård, Pragmator (

o   Riitta has a theoretical foundation in behavioural and social science, adult education and marketing.

o   She boasts over 25 years’ experience operating in the public and private sectors as educator, internal consultant, project manager and manager, in addition to serving on management groups.

o   An experienced lecturer and educator, Riitta currently works in Finland and Sweden, focusing on coaching, coaching-orientated leadership and inter-cultural issues.

o   Riitta is an ACC-accredited coach and qualified NLP practitioner.


Elisabeth Khera (Consultant)

o   For the last 20 years, Elisabeth has worked in trade and industry in a variety of sales roles, primarily providing complex IT solutions to the financial sector. More recently, she has also sold services within the recruitment and consultancy sectors.

o   She has worked with sales and business development on a domestic and international basis.

o   An accredited business coach, Elisabeth is qualified in a range of personality assessment tools and has a BBA from the European University in Brussels.