Coaching-orientated sales – the GROW-X-ccelerator Programme

“Improve communication with your customers and boost sales.”

The concept of sales from a coaching perspective is based on a model whereby customers are cultivated based on an assessment of their DISC profile as well as a coaching mindset. GROW is an established coaching method. Applying this approach to sales is an effective way of improving dialogue with your customers and boosting sales. Through assertive questioning, more active listening and a clear objective at every meeting, you can gain a better understanding of the customer’s actual needs.

Sales courses based on GROW and DISC usually take place over two days, and customised programmes can be provided. Follow-up coaching in the field is included in each programme.

The course includes:

Sales success through coaching with the GROW – X – ccelrator Programme

  • Goal - The objective of customer meetings, the customer or business – understanding the customer?
    • Customer profile
      • What do you want the customer to do?
      • Which factors motivate or prevent the customer from doing this at present?
    • How do you set objectives?
    • (Both in the short- and long-term).
  • Reality – what are the customer’s needs/challenges?
    • How can you use assertive questions?
    • How can you improve listening skills?
    • Learn to use DISC to gain a better understanding of your customer.
  • Opportunities – what solutions can “we” provide with regard to challenges/needs?
    • Convey your message so it can make a difference!
    • Use DISC to adapt your message and improve communication with your customers.
    • Manage objections in an effective and communicative way.
  • The way forward – close and motivation
    • Finalise your meetings effectively – how to help the customer close the deal.
    • Commitment, endurance and motivation

DISC colour assessment – understand how to improve communication with your customers

  • A personal DISC assessment in order to understand your own behavioural style is included, taking place before the course starts.
  • How do the different behavioural styles communicate?
  • Understanding and practising application of DISC behavioural styles in combination with GROW, in order to boost sales.

One day’s coaching in the field is included as a key part of the programme. Delivered in consultation with sales managers.