Coach-to-Coach – Coaching leadership

“Boost sales and make your company more efficient.”

  • Need more effective coaching for your sales staff out in the field?
  • In need of support to follow up your sales representatives’ performance in the field?
  • Looking to develop a coaching approach in your organisation?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the the Coach-to-Coach programme could be something for your company. Combining theory with practical application, the programme includes accompanied trips and coaching of managers in the field. Our approach is based on GROW, one of the most widely used coaching models. The method can be applied to customer relationships as well as developing more situation-orientated leadership. Normally delivered over two days, the programme can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

The course includes:

Programme based on coaching and situation-orientated leadership – 2 days

  • Your coaching approach and situation-orientated leadership
    • The basic principles and skills of coaching.
    • Coaching methods – Working with GROW.
    • Situation-orientated leadership – Push and Pull.
    • What does coaching mean in your role as leader/manager?
  • Communication and feedback
    • How to use feedback as part of leadership.
    • Delegation.
    • Assertive questions and listening actively.
  • Develop activities and decision-making in your team
    • Create clear activities and objectives.
    • Form activities which lead to progress.
    • Follow-up and areas of responsibility.

Coaching trips in the field – the 3 in the Car concept

  • A consultant travels together with the sales manager and sales representative on two occasions – the 3 in the Car concept.
  • The consultant observes and coaches the sales manager during his/her work with the sales representative on the basis of situation-orientated leadership and a coaching perspective.
  • A written and verbal development plan is given to the sales manager and his/her superior.