Coaching managers and employees

Effective leadership means maximising your potential, both professionally and in terms of your overall personality, in order to develop your team and achieve the best results. It’s about understanding your strengths and weaknesses, how to make decisions and how to communicate.

As coaches, we help leaders to draw up clear action plans and make effective decisions for themselves and the organisation. During the sessions, participants will work on stimulating thoughts and testing ideas in order to increase awareness, productivity and efficiency for the company, organisation or person.

Employee coaching works in the same way as management coaching, but is adapted to the person’s role in the organisation. It focuses on a range of areas, including work-related problems as well as personal issues and challenges which prevent people reaching their full potential.

All employee coaching involves maintaining dialogue with the manager, preferably ensuring he/she takes part in initial discussions on the planned coaching programme as well as the objectives the company has in mind.