What’s your X factor?

We’re convinced everyone has a unique X factor, whether it’s a person, company, product or business idea. X will help you to perform better, boost well-being and solve problems more efficiently. X isolates the factor/s which need to be identified, addressed or discussed in order to take you, your organisation, your product or your company to new horizons.

An X factor could be a directly measurable or non-measurable parameter which can be developed in order to improve performance. We see a number of teams and organisation which, despite providing products or services which are unique to their markets, struggle to lead the way. This could be due to the lack of a clear marketing strategy, positioning and message or failure to carry out activities consistently and effectively assess the competition. All this can be measured and analysed in a number of ways. However, individual performance and cooperation with other team members – the more non-measurable X factor – can be just as significant.

GROW is an established coaching method with a clear focus on achieving future objectives. This model helps individuals and organisations to set and/or clarify objectives, assess the current situation, identify opportunities and chart a course for the future.

The GROW method forms the basis of all our programmes and workshops. It is equally effective when used as a sales model.

Why choose GrowtheX?

We focus on the strengths of individuals in order to develop your team and company, devising a clear-cut strategy to be implemented in your organisation which is designed to boost sales and efficiency.

We take theory to practice!

We provide unique benefits through:

  • Coaching incorporated into all workshops and programmes.
  • Applying theory to practical situations.
  • Focusing on the development of each person.
  • Inspiring and motivational consultants.
  • Measuring results and outcomes.
  • Coaching for key persons regarding further analysis and implementation.


  • Programmes/Workshops
  • Team and leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Consultation


  • Sales
    • Sales success through coaching – improve communication with your customers and boost sales.
    • Improve communication with customers by using the DISC colour profile.
    • Presentation skills
  • Leadership
    • Coach-to-Coach – 3 in the Car concept.
    • Essentials of coaching in Leadership.
  • Strategy/marketing
    • StrategX – Prepare to face the future.